Zoo Wee, Mama!

I know I’ve been silent all too long but to quote Professor Hinkle in Frosty the snowman: "I’ve got to get busy writing. Busy, busy busy!" In truth, I have already been busy, busy, busy writing. 

On the heels of sending off my piece for my first workshop at VCFA  this summer, I decided to submit the first page of my manuscript to the May Secret Agent contest over on Miss Snark’s First Victim blog.  Due to some snafus on the site, the excerpt was added a little late but I was surprised to see it gathering lots of comments.  I’ve only entered one other contest and it was a biggie with hundreds of people submitting. I wasn’t selected for that one an didn’t expect to be for this one either.  

On Monday, the winners were posted and when I read the initial entry, highlighting the honorable mentions who’d been selected, I didn’t see my except and figured I’d just try again the next month.  So imagine my surprise when I arrived at the end of the post to see that my excerpt, along with one other, were selected as winners!  Zoo Wee, Mama!  

And the win is big – I’m invited to submit my first 100 pages along with my query and synopsis to Kathleen Ortiz of Lowenstein Associates.(100 pages!  That’s lots o’ words, people!  She’s going to get to know all the characters I’ve lived with for two years). Kathleen has a wonderful reputation, is extremely funny on Twitter and very generous with contests so I’m unspeakably psyched about this opportunity.

But have it sent it yet? Noooo, I have not. Instead,  I’ve been agonizing over my pages while my cheerleaders on the sidelines (read: my husband, friends and co-workers) build to a steady chant of: "Send it! Send it! Send it!" 

And so I will send it by the end of the workday today!  I promise. Really. You can check back with me later. 

On top of that, the boys are in the baseball playoffs now so we have games several times a week and I’ve been working hard to tie up loose ends at work. I have only about four more weeks left.  I’m still sad to leave my peeps at Swarthmore College but each week I grow more excited to start the MFA program.  

And speaking of excited – yell it with me:  "GO FLYERS!!!!"   

How about you? What’s keeping you busy these days?  What’s got you excited? 

8 responses to “Zoo Wee, Mama!

  1. OF COURSE you won…

    BUT didja send out those 100 pages?????

    say yes or ima fly my butt all the way to philly to kick yours.

    and i say that filled with love, admiration, respect and a little bit of I MEAN IT.



    • Re: OF COURSE you won…

      that previous messsage, and this one, NOT anonymous BUT by me…jen…here in the artic tundra. did you hear, it SNOWED LAST WEEKEND.

      yeah. uhuh. tell me again why i’m not living there, with you?


      • Re: OF COURSE you won…

        YES! I sent it last Thursday. My little baby is out in the big, bad world now.

        And that’s just WRONG – snow in May. harrumph! I have a sunburn from a day on the very small beach of Avalon. We humans relentlessly try to control Mother Nature. Why are we so blind to the futility?


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